Wednesday, 15 June 2011

We are travelling to England!


Welcome to "OUR" blog --the online space where we will share our personal information to start getting to know each other before our trip to England.

We will also share opinions, ideas and suggestions, so that we can start preparing our trip together and discussing the best ways to enjoy it fully.

Feel free to tell us something about you: what you do, where you live, what you like doing. And most importantly, why you want to travel to England.

We are all willing to know more about each other!!!

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  1. Hi!
    I'm Carlos a student of ARCI of 18 years old. Last year I finish school and now I’m doing a course to be a bilingual secretary. Next year I want to become a translator. I live at the corner of Pellegrini and Buenos Aires Street. What I really like doing is going to concerts. I love listening to music live. Obviously I also enjoy meeting my friends from school. I’ve started studying English when I was a child and now I found it not also an interesting language but also an extraordinary culture. That’s the main reason why I want to travel.

    Looking forward to hear from all soon!
    Kind Regards,

  2. Welcome, Carlos! Good to get to know you a little bit better! ;-)
    I'm sure you'll LOVE everything you'll see in England!

  3. Hi everybody! I’m Carina and I’m 17 years old. I lived in San Pedro for almost 13 years and 4 years ago I moved to Rosario. I attend Colegio Parque de España and unfortunately, this is my last year =( Next year I’m planning to study in order to become a teacher of English and maybe later, a translator and interpreter. I’ve been learning English for 10 years now and I absolutely LOVE the language. I’m really shy and insecure when it comes to speaking so I think this trip will help me a lot to improve the way I express myself. Besides, I truly believe that the best way to learn a language is being 24/7 in contact with it. I enjoy reading, spending time with friends and travelling with my family.
    Hope to meet you all soon!

  4. Hi, Carina, great posting ! :-)I'm sure you'll be a very good translator...

  5. Hello! I'm Bernarda and I'm 16 years old. I'm in 4th year in La Salle School. I do dance in Mateo Booz theatre. I've been studying English since 2000 and I really love the lenguagge. I suppose I'm going to be a doctor but I'm not sure. I think this trip is a very good experience for my future and a perfect way to speak English more fluently. I love going out with my friends, dance and listening to music.
    See you soon.

  6. hi everyone! I'm Soledad, but my friends usually call me Chole. I've 20 years old and I'm a student of medicine. In my free time i love to play futbol. I completed the secondary school in La Salle on 2008.
    I always want to travel to England, I don't know why, maybe the culture or maybe because I learned english all my life... but I never had the chance until now.
    I hope we'll have a great time there, and I'm sure of it .
    See you leater.

  7. Hi! I’m Clementina and I’m 19 years old. I went to Stella Maris’s School and I completed in 2009. Now I’m studying accountancy at UNR. I play hockey at JCR and I also do swimming. In my free time I love cooking and going out with my friends. A few years ago, I started thinking about travelling to England to improve my English and also because I would like to learn about their culture, and when a friend told me about this trip, I found it great.
    See you soon,

  8. Hi everyone! I'm Lucía Torres and I'm 19 years old. I live in Rosario. I dance ballet and give classes to little girls. I'm studying to be a translator now, I'm in second year and my plan is to be an interpreter afterwards. I love British English, more than I like the American, especially because of the pronunciation. And this is one of my biggest interests about going to England, be able to speak with English natives, picking up their accent and improving mine. I've been learning about English history and literature at university, so actually seeing places I've read about will be really exciting as well. I take this trip as a cultural one. It will be a great experience for us all. We'll learn a lot! Hope we could get on well! (I feel we will!)

  9. WELCOME, Ber, Chole, Clemen and Lucy !!!
    What a pleasure to see you all here! I'm sure we will enjoy our trip to England and our stay fully.
    Stay tuned, and feel free to go on participating, we all want to know more about you!!

  10. Hi Rita and the rest of the crew!!!
    My name is Silvia and I've been a teacher of English for more than 30 years. I work both at ARCI and La Salle school. I really enjoy teaching English and working with young students as I always learn a lot from them.
    Guess what!I happened to visit London a long time ago when I was 20 years old after finishing teacher-training college. Imagine how thrilled I feel about the possibility of travelling to England again!!!
    Thanks a lot for inviting me to share this blog with all of you. Here we can express our views and get to know each other. No doubt it will be an enriching experience we will all profit from.
    Silvia C. berra

  11. Welcome Silvia!!! haha Hope you could travel with us to England!!

  12. Hi everybody! I´m Emilio Piotto, I go to La Salle school with some others friends who will travel with us. I have 16 years old.
    I love all sports, but my favourite one is tennis, I play it five or six times a week. I practice drums too.
    i'll do this travel because I'm sure that it will be fantastic, knowing a lot of interesting places (there are 3 or 4 places that i´m realy mad to visit), and a wonderful oportunity to learn english.
    Best whishes, Emilio

  13. hi, Emilio! Good to see you here! Which are the 3 or 4 places you´re willing to visit in England?

  14. Hi everybody! my name is Diego. I was born in Spain and moved here when i was about to turn 6.
    As Carina, I attend to 5º of Colegio Parque de España.I also do fencing in Universitario.
    I've always wanted to visit England, I love everything that has to do with it. Especially Liverpool, I love The Beatles so I'm really looking forward to going there and do the beatles tour.
    I hope to get on well with everyone and to end the trip with some really good friends.

  15. Hi, Diego! I'm sure you'll enjoy your trip and that you'll make excellent friends with the whole group!!

  16. Hi,what's up people? My name is Gabriel and i'm Carina's brother.
    I'm 18 years old:(Carina wrote about my childhood so is not worth repeating the same). This year I began Publicity at UAI, unfortunately that career wasn't what i had expected.
    I'm a very sporty person.Tennis, basketball and football are my favourite sports.
    I love music, is like oxygen for me, i can't live without it. I play the electric guitar and i have a heavy/hardcore metal band.
    I love the idea of going to England and visiting one of the most historical countries in the world.

    See you

  17. Welcome, Gabbo!!! I'm sure we´ll all enjoy your company... ;-)
    It would be great to hear you play!

  18. hi everybody! my name is Noelia and I'm 19 years old. I live in a small town near to Melincue or Venado Tuerto, called Elortondo. I hope that some of you know or have heard something about my town..! but since the last year, I live in Rosario, although I return to my town on weekends.
    i'm training to become in a travel agent. I study tourism. I love this career!
    in my free time i like read books or magazine about my future profession. also, i'm a very good cook. :)
    About the trip, I'm very eager to visit England, especially London. I read a lot of this city and I love it..
    Well, this is a bit of me.. I hope you know other things.. best wishes..
    Noee =)

  19. Hi, Noee, glad that you have joined us!
    Could you answer the question in the latest posting, above this one?? There is still one photo nobody has detected where from..., so far !! Give it a try!

  20. Hi everybody! My name is Ignacio (also known as Nacho). I'm 16 and i attend to 4º of La Salle school, with Emilio and Bernarda. I have been a student of ARCI for 9 or 10 years (i don't remember clearly haha).
    I play Rugby at Provincial. I love sports.. tennis, rugby, basketball. Those are my favourite sports.
    I'm sure this trip is going to be fantastic, England is a special place because of his history.
    Kisses :)