Saturday, 1 October 2011

September 30 Meeting

Hi, all, mainly those who were absent! We need EVERYBODY to remember to take 80 dollars to the agency BEFORE THURSDAY 6, to be able to BOOK the seats for the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" and the hotel for the night we´ll spend in Liverpool. This is the most important topic we talked about during the meeting, and all those who had joined the "get-together" last week said they had all had fun :-) Please, see the PROGRAMME, linked to the front page in our Google Site, and DO ask any questions or queries you may have :-) We are getting closer to our departure day!!!!!


  1. Hi Rita! I recently added you to my facebook so then I can add you to our group in that page.
    I also want to talk with you about the offer you make us for speak with other guys in english, I'm really interested on that!
    Talk you leater!

  2. I'm also keen on participating in the project!

  3. Yes, me too! I forgot to send you an e-mail for that!