Sunday, 18 December 2011


Hi Rita! I would like to know which activities we are going to do both days we are travelling to London. Because I was thinking that maybe if there are some places I want to visit and they are not included in these tours, I could travel to London one of the two free afternoons we have (I know, with at least one more person). I would rather plan that in advance that's why I'm asking you this question. Thank you! Carina.

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  1. hi, Cari,
    As the school is in charge of the two days we'll be in London, they are supposed to plan what to sightsee... Do not worry, though, last January some things were changed on the spot, so we can change them as well, I guess, once there. But basically it'll be: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Oxford street and other famous streets and avenues, a couple of museums: we will only visit ONE --we'll see which one there, then you can choose to go to another; Westminster Abbey, the Tate Gallery, probably "the Globe"(Shakespeare's Theatre), a couple of bridges on the Thames. We cannot know well in advance, for it also depends on the weather!