Sunday, 24 July 2011


For those who did not manage to attend our July meeting, here goes a summary of what was discussed:

* most travellers agreed in that working in a wiki will help them all enjoy the places we will visit in England, so the wiki is already open! If you have not received an invitation to join it, please, let me know!!! It´s HERE.
ALL students will participate to get informed and to share the information. You'll find detailed instructions on the front page of the wiki (a Google Site)

* All other topics discussed will be dealt with again during our next meetings.

* Stay tuned for the August get-together, it will be announced in this blog

Have a great month, and start enjoying your trip to England by reading about the cities we will be visiting together!!!!

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  1. I have a problem.! I don't understand the wiki, I have not received an invitation to join it.! and I don't appear in neither groups of city...! sorry my ignorance. :(