Saturday, 2 July 2011


1- What is this building and where is it? We will visit this place!

2- Where are these two bridges, what´s their name and the name of the river we will all see together?

3- Where is this street and what´s its name? We´ll walk along this street!


  1. Hi everyone..!! how are you?
    well, I love this quiz.. the First question is the Royal Pavilion in Brigton.
    The Second, are bridges of Cambridge. the first photo is the Mathematical bridge and the second is the Bridge of Sighs (inspired by the famous bridge of Venice).
    And the Third is Regent street in London!
    I hope that my answers will be correct.!
    see you soon..

  2. WOW NOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, you have beaten everybody else, not even given them the time to think...., and of course you are RIGHT!!!! :-)
    Did you already know these places or had to look them up?

  3. I've studied some of these places like the Royal Pavilion, but I'm very interested in knowing a lot of places in England so I love searching information and photos of them all the time..
    unfortunately, I don't know these places! so I'm very anxious to visit..!
    Sorry for not giving them time to think! :(

  4. Hi Rita, Noee and the rest of the crew!
    It's great to get to know so many interesting places before visiting them.
    I believe Noee will be an excellent travelling companion and a very enthusiastic one!
    The photos in the middle show the River Cam in Cambridge where students and residents enjoy rowing punts.
    Looking forward to the next quiz!

  5. wow! that pictures are fantastic ! i can't wait to travel to London.
    Why is important the Regent street ?

  6. WELCOME, Bernarda, to this group of travellers!
    I´m glad you're looking forward to visiting LOndon! I´m sure you´ll LOVE it!!!
    As to your question, this is a challenge: do a search and find some information about Regent St yourself, and post it here for everybody..., I know you can do it!!!!

  7. Thank you, dear Silvia, for your generous contribution...! :-)