Saturday, 6 August 2011


Hi, dear all,

Yes, you can go and watch a football match while we are there, but REMEMBER I will need a PERMIT (written permission from your parents) to travel to another city, which may probably be London, ON YOUR OWN, as we have not included a football match in our original plan because not all the members of the group may be willing to watch one.

You may go to the DISCOVERY TOUR page HERE and choose a match --check dates, please!!, they might not be up yet!!-- , and then let me know about your decision, I may contact these people, as they are the ones that will take us on many tours on Sundays (very reliable people), and maybe we can get more "personal" assistance, and have everything arranged well in advance.

Anyway we need to CHECK and COMPARE PRICES, and see if what they offer is really convenient, since they will pick you up from the hotel, take you to the stadium by coach, and then back to the hotel.

I look forward to your decisions,



  1. I like the idea of going to a football match!, though it is not the activity I wish the most from this trip haha. If the entire group is attending a match I'll go with them! but if some people do not want to go, I would like to know that day what we will do in the city to decide which activity I prefer.

  2. Football is not my thing, but we can go to a footbal match, it's not a bad idea. I'd like to do something else, depending on what else we can do instead of going to the football match.