Saturday, 27 August 2011


Hi, dear all,

We had a fruitful meeting yesterday, with almost all travellers present, and we talked about several topics regarding our weekend trips.
We decided that:

** We´ll go to Bath on Sunday 8
** Well be doing the Liverpool trip on Jan 14-15
* Cambridge on Saturday 21 (with the school)
** Oxford On Sunday 22
* London on Saturday 28 (with the school)

Those trips marked ** will be made with Discovery Tours.

And as the "school" will still owe us ONE Saturday tour I´ll ask the authorities to take us on another tour to London on a weekday :-) (everything paid, of course)

As regards the musical there was no decision taken, since everybody needs to know at least a bit about the options to be able to decide. My suggestion is: go to Google and do a search to see what these plays are all about:

The Phantom of the Opera


Billy Elliot

(these are the three musicals offered by Discovery Tours HERE)

Once you know a bit about these musicals I'll post a survey for you to complete and we´ll decide for the one that has got most votes.

Some of the students will find out about places to have scarves made for all and will post their findings in this blog.

CONGRATS to MOST of you, who have successfully accomplished your task in our Google Site!!!!!



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  2. Hi Rita! How are you? Unluckily, I couldn´t attend the last meeting because I found a gas leak in the building where I live so, I decided not to go to Rosario at the last moment. Imagine that I had no choice but to get it repaired as soon as possible. Apparently, it was mended and everything is ok now.
    I hope we had another meeting soon!!

  3. Thank you for writing, Lina!!!!! :-)
    Of course you´ll have several chances more to meet the rest of the crew! And am so glad you managed with your problem at home!
    One question: do you have any problems working on our Google Site? If so, do let me know so that I can help you! Almost all cities are ready, they´re all doing a GREAT job!