Saturday, 6 August 2011

How about a Musical in London....?

Hi, dear kids!!

Would you like to see a musical in London? There are several possibilities, but my choice would be "Billy Elliot": go to THIS site to learn something about it. In the same site you'll find the group discount rates, that is, tickets are offered for 25 pounds.

If we go to the Discovery Tour page HERE we´ll see that for 45 pounds we could have a return travel (from Brighton to London and then back from London to Brighton) by train and guided transfer to the theatre.

Again I would need your decision, because all this should be done well in advance. So next time we meet I'd need your confirmation. You can start discussing these options now.

Stay tuned for the next piece of news about the date for our next meeting!!!!


  1. Yes! I totally agree about seeing Billy Elliot! About the return travel and guided transfer to the theatre, I choose whatever is more convenient, you, Rita, may know which is the best option, I'll agree on that.

  2. Are there other plays to see? I already see that play

  3. There´s a new musical called WICKED, see information here:

  4. jajaj I will see it next week in "Circle" theater.

    No problem you choose the play the we´ll see :D

  5. yees ! i want to see Billy Elliot :)

  6. I like the idea of going to the theatre in London!! Billy Elliot sounds great but if some of you have already seen it (like Emilio) we can choose other...For me any play would be great!!